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Life Events

We are here for you to mark key events in life - to give thanks for the birth of a child, to welcome you into the body of Christ through Baptism, to celebrate your marriage or to commend your loved ones to God at a funeral.  Some general information and answers to frequently asked questions are shown below, but please do contact us if you have any questions at all - we are here to help.


A Christian funeral is a way to celebrate the life given to us by God.  We pray for family and friends to know God's comfort in their grief and commend our loved ones to God's safe keeping.  Some people choose to have a full funeral in church followed by a cremation, others a burial.  Both Headley and Ashford Hill churchyards are open for burials, however, the churchyard at St Mary's, Kingsclere is now closed.  There is a civil cemetery in Kingsclere on Ecchinswell Road. 


A Christian funeral can also take place at the local Crematorium either West Berkshire (just outside Thatcham) or Basingstoke.  Ashes can then be buried in the churchyard at all 3 of our churches.  

In the first instance, speak to your funeral director who will liaise with us to set a date and time for the funeral that's best for everyone involved.  We will then contact you and meet with you to discuss the details for the service, and chat about the life of your loved one to make sure the funeral service is a fitting tribute to them.


If you have any queries regarding burial of ashes, memorials or funerals please do contact us.

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